About us

Hello bloggers!

Soft DevGeeks is developed by the team of developers from various fields. Our mission is to publish quality content that is related to technology inclusive of Asp.net, Android, big data, Magento, Python, iOS, Java, and many other technologies.

As far as this blog concerns, we utilize our member’s skill and capitalize the topics as per their personal experience in development field. So now we start the journey in blogging field also. It is not only for us, but we like to serve better to the new comers, who are always in search of easy going method.

Our mission :

“There is no easy or hard things, it’s just in your mind” – It is personly our team’s believe and we are sure, if you believe on this, you will learn any thing as quickly as you want. If you have faith in your work, passionate about achieving your goals, then start it now without concerning the result. We have done the same thing here :).

Our ambition :

  1. Build new support for new persons
  2. Build social media connection with popular IT companies/persons
  3. Serve best quality to our readers
  4. Ready to be up-to-date with new technology

Here end up with our intro and let’s start our journey. Thank you…