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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-currency, industry specific global enterprise resource planning software product that plays an integral role in supporting the administrative and operational processes for any company that is into service industries and retail.

Benefits of a Dynamics AX Support Plan You Must Know!

It empowers businesses a base for growth, by helping them operate effectively and be adaptable to the ever-changing market scenarios. It allows them to work out organizational operations with real time reporting and allows transparency across all businesses. This also involves asset management, CRM, supply chain and manufacturing. For these organizations that troubleshoot issues on a daily basis, a well set Dynamics AX Support Plan in place is of utmost importance. There are many advantages of this plan but majorly two benefits stand out and affect the organization growth the most –

An organized ticketing system

At any point if there is an email, call or any smoke signal being sent to a partner with a similar system, a help ticket is automatically created. This means the message doesn’t get lost in junk mail and the problem is relayed right on time to the expected receiver. This allows the support partner to address the issue and provide help at the earliest.

A ticketing system also provides accountability. As soon as the ticket is in the helpdesk, and prioritized basis the severity of the issue. If the concerned receiver is not addressing the issue in time, he/she will be held accountable.

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Another advantage is that all conversations through ticketing system are recorded. This allows one to go back if the issue comes up again and can be resolved through some other method.

A customer portal

This is another big advantage of having a Dynamics AX support plan. It allows one to view current and all historical cases. This means one doesn’t have to go through piles of mails in order to look back at a certain issue. The ability to systematically look for information saves a lot of money and time. It also properly prioritizes issues basis their urgency and level of work involved. There are pre-packaged support plans customized on the basis of system requirements, number of instances and number of on-site visits.


It gives a lot of global business opportunities as it supports high transaction rates. It also develops a network of thousands of users across multiple sites. With legal requirements, built-in languages and currencies it makes business easier even for international processes. It also provides a variety of financial capabilities to help put together distribution centers and accounts worldwide. This gives employees access to reporting, detailed analysis, and accounts. A well placed system also affects the financials, providing a consistent boost to the organizations.

As the Microsoft dynamics AX consulting support plan ensures all grievances are addressed at the earliest stage and provide a well-laid out support system for systematic solution, it helps in building relationships. With a quick redressal of problems, consumers develop trust and become more loyal over a period of time. So the biggest benefit that is helps in building strong relationships.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is now named as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is company’s most advanced business solution for the business, with extremely adaptable and industry-specific features to empower even the most intricate of the organizations.