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Tips for a more productive offshore java development

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Outsourcing seems to be the best and the cheapest solution for IT companies. These companies have to always look out for ways to save as much money as possible and hiring expensive personnel increases a lot of costs. They always try to look for ways by which they can get program writers for cheap. Offshore java development has become a very common practice among software service vendors. That way they don’t need to spend much on employees or development. Some countries have labor cheaper than the others. A lot of money is saved by companies in the US by outsourcing their work to people in Asian countries, who charge way lesser than the US employees. They have offshore companies that supply the labor and deliver the work to the big companies. While it is lucrative there can be problems as well. So in the following article we will discuss how to make your offshore java development productive.

Tips for a more productive offshore java development

  1. Define scope and plan: Lot of times there’s confusion between what the employer wants and what the service provider delivers. It is because of miscommunication. From the very start make it clear to the provider about what you want, the scope of your java development project. Lay down your requirements, how you want it to be done and the desired results. That way everyone is clear about the work and it’ll be easier to get price quotes. Make sure the provider knows when to finish it by and the principles by which the work should be done.
  2. Maintaining standards: One thing you should be strict about is the quality of the work that is delivered. The clients you are giving them to should not realize that this java development had been outsourced. Outsourcing can only be profitable if the result delivered is similar to the one being delivered in the home country. A good way to ensure that would be to define certain parameters like which framework or database had to be used or which server, etc.
  3. Search for skills: It is important that you take the help of an expert when making the choice about which provider you should outsource your java development projects to. You can’t make the mistake of being completely ignorant and choosing the provider with the cheapest offer. See that the outsourced partner has experience; make an expert look at the work they do, talk to people who’ve hired them, etc to ensure that you are in good hands. The people working there should be professional and skilled, to ensure that they deliver the best. Check if the developers are java certified as that assures quality.
  4. Pay in installments: Here two mistakes can be made, either paying at the start or paying all at the end. The best method to employ is to pay in installments. Set marks, like 20% development, 50% development. Scrutinize the work and then make the payment.

To ensure that your offshore java development yields the best products, you’ve to be crystal clear with your provider as well as keep a hawk eye on them.