How to Backup and Restore your CRM Online Instance?

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It is the most important aspect of an organisation to keep it data safe. The business depends upon the various data that are needed again and again for various purposes. Preventing your CRM data from any theft and becomes very essential as it requires regular time to time check-ups so that it status can be known.

We have multiple options for backing up and restoring your CRM Online instances. This is the ability for the end user to be able to manage database backups and simultaneously backups van be made in our online instance whenever we require. Previously customers had to engage Microsoft support to do this for them, but with new added features the customer can now manage this procedure of their own.


There are two types of backups namely system backups and on demand backups.

System Backups: These are like an automated function which takes it course automatically without manually commanding it to its job. Some useful CRM system backups are stated below:

  • All your instances are backed up automatically without doing it yourself each day.
  • System backups occur daily and it doesn’t need any reminder.
  • System backups are retained up to three days so that you may check them when in need.
  • System backups in no case keep count against your data storage limits.
  • System backups are identified as created by System on the Manage Backups page.

Demand Backups: With on demand backups, you can make your own backup before making some significant modification change or applying a version update. Some important features of Demand Backups are mentioned below:

You can back up Production and Sandbox occasions.

  • You can only restore to a Sandbox instance. For restoring to Production instance, firstly you have to switch it to a Sandbox occasion.
  • Only CRM Online 2016 version update 1 or later versions are supported for any backup.
  • On demand backups are retained for up to three days. These backups can be further used for your references.
  • On demand backups are generally explained as created by someone other than System and with the help of Edit – Delete – Restore in the details section. System backups only There is currently no facility to program backups (other than the daily system backup that’s taken automatically once a day)


With this new ability like all new features it is quite obvious that it will have some limitations:

  • This is especially available for CRM Online 2016 Update 1.
  • You are not supposed to take an on Premise backup and restore it into our online occasion
  • Cannot backup your online instance, and doesn’t have the ability to restore it to an on Premise org or for reporting purposes.
  • There is no usual API support in this segment.
  • There are currently no facility to schedule backups (other than the daily system backup that’s taken automatically once a day)
  • With all these limitations it’s amazing to witness that more power coming to the CRM Online customers hands. It’s for sure that Microsoft will definitely linger to enhance this already powerful tool and maybe eliminate some of the current limitations in future versions.

Even with these limitations it’s great to see some more power coming to Microsoft CRM Development. Its sure Microsoft will continue to increase this already influential tool and maybe disregard some of the current limitations in future versions. The backups themselves are encrypted, and you’re only able to restore back into a Sandbox instance. Microsoft CRM Development in India thus helps its users in so many ways.

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